Lofoten – New! Available on February 3, 2023!

Now considered to be one the most beautiful archipelagos in the world, Lofoten was an important Viking territory. Knowing how to adapt to various situations, Vikings were not only peaceful settlers and builders, but invaders and skilled merchants as well. With your fleet of longships, you are determined to make the most of the four essential goods. Try to become the most powerful Jarl of the archipelago!



16 Warehouse cards
2 Player Aid cards
1 First Player card
36 Orders cards
1 Market board
2 Fleet wheels
8 Longship tiles
8 coins
32 Merchandises tiles
8 Jarl cards
7 Jarl Requirements
1 Rulebook

  • Rules in English

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Auteur(s) : Sébastien Dujardin

Illustrateur(s) : Weberson Santiago

Average time 40 min

2 player(s)

From 12 years old